Yunmai M1302 Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale With Body Data App Control

Being not only fit, but healthy is a trend these days. People try to stay active, to have great bodies and proper working of all inner organs. In order to track any weight gain or the loss of it, people invest in different scales. Modern scales offered on the market, such as the Yunmai M1302 Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale Body Data App Control that we have reviewed, offer many other features as well.

Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale

This Yunmai M1302 Smart Body Scale is stylish in appearance. It is offered in four different colors, blue, green, pink and basic white. One can choose the right one for them depending on their preference, and even interior design. Size of this scale is 12.87 x 12.87 x 1.22 inches, with a weight of 2 kilograms and 200 grams. This makes it rather compact and easy to move. It is powered by four AAA batteries, that are not included, but last for quite the time. Made out of tempered glass, this item is tough and durable. On top of the scale, there is a bright LCD screen, that provides with all of the data.

YUNMAI M1302 Smart Weighing Scale

YUNMAI M1301 body scale has a weighing range from 3 to 150 kilograms, to be suitable for all. You no longer have to tap on it for it to turn on. All that one needs to do, is step onto it and it will instantly start working. 4 different sensors are located, to accurately calculate 10 different items of data body. BIA technology allows the data to be the most accurate, depending on the height, gender, age, activity level and so on. This scale calculates data such as body weight, body fat, BMI, basal metabolism rate, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat level, physical age, protein, and water weight. Users can also download the APP onto their mobile phone, and connect the scale to it. After that, they can easily track all of their progress and results. Up to 16 different members can be added.

YUNMAI M1301 scale is decently priced for all of the features that it offers. It provides with accurate calculations quickly. It is durable, and at the same time light in weight.

Smart Weighing Scale