Wearable Market Trend, Smartwatch Sales

It’s no secret that wearables and smartwatches are losing demand and popularity. But now, there are statistics reports to confirm this information. According to the agency Strategy Analytics, there are serious issues on the wearable market. In 2016, the sales of all wearable devices increased by only 1% compared to 2015. Experts say that the main reason for that was insufficient battery time.

Despite positive reports from manufacturers, who talk about record-breaking sales, the information from retailer suggests the opposite. As for February, 2017, even Apple had to reduce Apple Watch shipments by half compared to the same period of time last year.

Another consequence of the stagnation on the market became obvious when some companies decided to leave this segment having stopped producing wearables. One of these companies was Motorola. According to companies’ representatives, the concept of a smartwatch is too innovative for them and requires huge expenses.

In addition, the users of wearables refuse from their own devices themselves. The analysts from Gartner conducted a survey and found out that almost one third of all customers in the USA, Great Britain and Australia don’t wear their devices constantly, more like from time to time.