Wearable Market 2017

Although Apple is engaged in many different tech segments, it doesn’t seem like wearables is the most successful one of them. Apple Watch didn’t maintain its popularity comparing to earlier models. However, the facts state the opposite. The analytics company Strategy Analytics published a new report which shows one important fact – Apple controlled more than a half of the world wearable market in Q1 2017.

Strategy Analytics experts note that for the first three months of this year, Apple accounted for 53% of the world’s sales of smartwatches and fitness bracelets. The second place went to Samsung with the result of 12.8%. Fitbit with its 12.1% finished at the third place. The rise of Samsung is the main surprise here. Experts assume that the growth is connected with the increasing popularity of Gear S3 smartwatch.

As for the rating, based on the volume of supplies, the leadership also went to Apple. Its share is 16%. In second place with a slight margin of 0.5% is Xiaomi, and the top 3 is accompanied Fitbit with 12.3%.