Waterproof Outdoor Nylon Bag 10L Solar Backpack

If you can relate to a situation where you need to carry around tons of necessary stuff, like your work laptop , charging cables, gym clothes, lunch box, water bottle, and on and on – your backpack should definitely be not just a piece of cloth, but an organizing station. In further review we will have a closer look at a functional Waterproof Outdoor Travel Nylon Bag 10L Solar Backpack.

To begin with, this item would fit both an urban wanderer and an outdoors entrepreneur. It is designed for outdoor cycling, hiking, travel, and other kinds of adventures.

Waterproof Travel Nylon BagWaterproof Travel Nylon Bag

Compact Nylon Waterproof Outdoor Bag
10 L Solar Backpack

The main feature of this pack-sack is a specially designed detachable solar panel and a water bag. Thanks to that you don’t have to worry about powerless devices in a long time journey, as well as to think of a stand-alone water bottle. The water bag is provided with a snorkel – you don’t even have to take the bag off to sip water.

Compact Nylon Solar Backpack

Outside the backpack is made of compact nylon cloth. It is durable, anti-scratch and lightweight, which lowers the overall load on your back. The backpack also has a breathable soft honeycomb-like pad in the back and wide straps. They are safely incorporated in the body of the backpack instead of sewed in – thus there is less probability of the straps ripping of under the load. Also with this design the weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders and back, making it more comfortable for you to carry heavy stuff.

In addition to that, the backpack goes with a chest belt and a hips belt. The latter has a phone pocket. During long walks they are better to keep the bag in your body tightly. An adjustable strap can change from 45 to 85 cm. Finally, the biggest advantage for me personally is a 10 l large capacity and a 30 kg load-carrying capacity. This means I can pack as much clothes, food supply, and equipment, as needed.

As for the solar panel, it’s conversion rate is 22 percent. The panel’s dimension is 17.5 x 31cm. It works with a 5V, 1A micro USB output.

To sum up, this backpack is a perfect option for people with active lifestyle – you would have your own power generation and water supply with a decent carrying ability for a relatively low price.

10L Solar Backpack