New Charging Technology – Water Helps Batteries Serve Longer

Despite the fact that we often complain about the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, experts say that their service time is even a bigger concern. Normally, such batteries serve for a few years and lose their capacity afterwards. But Harvard University geniuses found a way to prolong service life of these batteries.

The scientists suggested replacing all the internals in a battery with liquids. Basically, it is a liquid battery which can work non-stop for 10 years. What’s more, after a thousand of charging-recharging cycles, it loses only 1% of its capacity.

The technology itself is quite complicated. It’s based on electrolytes of ferrocene and viologen. The molecules of both these liquids have to be modified which makes them resistant to degrading and water-soluble. This solution presents a very reliable alternative to modern batteries. Plus, water is much more eco-friendly because the solution doesn’t contain any toxic substances. Another advantage of this technology is its price – scientists predict that water-based batteries will be significantly cheaper.

Right now, Harvard researching can’t say for sure when these batteries will appear on the market    . But one thing is clear – they will be a high demand. Considering that eco-friendly, renewable energy is popular today, many big companies may be interested in these batteries.