OMEN X HP Powerful Gaming Desktop Computer + VR Backpack

HP is getting serious about gaming, showed the OMEN X HP compact powerful Gaming Desktop Computer with VR Backpack, that users can wear on their back. In accordance with the presentation of the company, presented to the press, a new development is equipped with a pair of USB 3.0, USB Type-C, one HDMI-out, one audio combo jack and DC-out for a headset. The backpack PC is surprisingly small and weighs close to 10 pounds. You will barely notice you are wearing it. The design is pretty good, the Omen X has red and black motif.

For power, gadget uses two removable battery packs. The belt carries two powerful batteries that are connected to the backpack via cable. The estimated play time on a full charge is about one hour. Well, it is breakthrough in the gaming technologies. This device is described as a portable gaming desktop but with a very useful function – it gives you an ability to wear it as a backpack, so it become compact. Wearing the VR PC pack you will be completely ready to be immersed into a virtual world.

OMEN X Powerful Gaming Computer