VR and AR Devices Sales Will Explode by 2021

In the recent news about the mixed reality room in France, we mentioned the growing popularity of VR and AR devices. In 2016, they were the main technology trend and it didn’t change this year. In fact, there is a confirmation that these devices will have a serious growth in the future.

According to the well-known analytics agency IDC, the sales of VR and AR gadgets will skyrocket in the 5 upcoming years. For instance, in 2021 there will be 100 million sold devices. For comparison, the sales in 2016 peaked at 10 million devices. According to predictions, the annual growth is estimated at 57.7%.

What’s more, experts say that affordable, smartphone-connected VR headsets will have a bigger demand. As for mixed reality or AR, it will have a bright future in the commercial segment – IDC analysts assume that 80% of all AR devices will be realised there.

Lastly, we have some numbers to demonstrate how much the situation is going to change. Compared to 2016, the sales of VR and AR devices will increase from 9.5 million to 67 million and from 162 thousand to 9.5 million respectively.