Universal Magnetic Adapter For Mobile Devices

We are all big users of mobile devices, and we all perfectly well know how fast the batteries die. Often it can be a problem trying to find a cable to charge your smartphone. Well with the VOLTA magnetic adapter, you can charge any mobile device.

This magnetic adapter makes it possible to transform your regular micro USB adapter from an Android mobile device into a USB-C or an Apple lightning cable. That would be a convenient feature for many. It works easily and can be quickly installed.

First you need to insert the tip into the port of the mobile device that needs to be charged. After that, you just take the adapter and attach it to your cable. VOLTA magnetic adapter than connect magnetically, as soon as it is placed near the tip that is in your mobile phone.

Universal Magnetic Adapter

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This magnetic universal charger is made to be capable of Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0, as well as fast charge. One can also use it to transfer data. Made with N52 grade Neodymium reversible magnets, it is powerful and strong. Best of all, the VOLTA magnetic adapter comes in three different colors for users to choose from, Gold, Silver and Black. All colors are neutral and trendy at the same time. This VOLTA magnetic adapter was first presented on the Indiegogo platform and has gained popularity. It is durable, compact universal charger for mobile devices. Bring your attention to it, as the price is affordable as well!