Vivibright H1 Premium 3D Projector on Discount

Vivibright H1 Projector would bring you a lot of satisfaction and positive experience as you watch your favorite movies. But what is so great about it? Let’s see. The premium device runs on Android 5.1 which gives it a lot of functionalities and allows you to connect to it freely. Furthermore, the gadget supports up to 4Kx2K resolution. A projector has a larger screen size in contrast to a normal TV. This is as good as in the cinema. On top of that, the 3D feature of the high-end projector will allow you to plunge into the whole new world.

High End Premium 3D Projector on Discount

With 1280ANSI – 1380ANSI lumens, the gadget will be bright enough to display clear images from far away but also feature extended life. Another benefit that projectors have is they do not occupy any of your space when they’re not used. Finally, the projector supports multiple types of input and output: it can be HDMI, USB, Audio, SPDIF, LR, or DC. Enjoy so many possibilities. Though it might cost a bit more than a small TV, the advantage is worth the price. Vivibright H1 is among the absolute most reliable projectors which are frequently used today.