Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector – How Does it Work

When people use smartphones or tablets, typing text seems easy – you just tap on necessary keys on the keyboard. However, that’s not always practical. For example, tablets are too big for typing text fast. That’s why people often buy keyboards for their devices turning them into mini-laptops. But even keyboards can be innovative. In this review, we’re going to cover one very interesting gadget with futuristic functionality.

This is a laser projection keyboard made by the company Lamaston. Basically, this virtual laser keyboard projector is a compact, portable device that actually projects a keyboard onto any surface. The gadget is connected to smartphones, tablets or laptops via Bluetooth. The gadget works fine with iOS, Android and Windows devices. You just need to turn on Bluetooth and connect to the projector. Once the connection is set up, you can tap onto the projected keyboard and the text will appear on the screen of your device. What’s more, the keyboard comes with a mouse, so you can easily surf the Internet with it. Important note – the mouse works only with Android devices.

Virtual Laser Keyboard Projector

The keyboard is English and it’s a standard Qwerty that you get on numerous mobile devices now. The keyboard is very responsive to touches and it’s possible to adjust its brightness. The gadget can project the keyboard on any flat surface. It means that you can work with it on any table, whether it’s at work, home or in some café. Because it’s so portable, you can carry it anywhere. Its 1000mAh rechargeable battery will provide a few hours of work. Then, you can charge it up via a microUSB port with a power bank or a smartphone charger.

So, if you’re searching for a keyboard solution for a tablet or smartphone, Lamastone laser projection might be a great solution. It’s portable, functional and very, very cool.