Universal Vintage Handbag Protective Bag For Laptop

When living a busy lifestyle and having to carry our expensive technology with us, we want to be sure that it is secure and to prevent any type of damage that could be brought to our laptops! One item that we observed in this review, will be perfect for you and your MacBook or any other laptop up to 14 inch screen size, is the BASEUS Universal Vintage Handbag Protective Laptop Bag For MacBook, Tablet and Mobile Accessories.

This handbag is stylish, and will fit any laptop with a screen size of 14 inches or smaller. Blue with grey or brown with grey colors in a vintage British style will be suitable for gentlemen and ladies of all ages! Not only will your laptop fit in this handy bag, you can bring along your other necessities that you cannot live without, such as pens, notebooks and many more!

Vintage bag for MacBook Pro

The soft PU material and leather handle is comfortable and will fit in the palm of your hand to carry everywhere with you! Shock and dirt resistant material will keep your laptop protected at all times! In this case, even if you drop your laptop it will stay in perfect condition with no damage done to it. The invisible zipper will keep everything sturdy and in place, therefore your laptop will not slide all over the handbag which provides it with extra protection! The weight of this handbag is only 350 grams, which will make your laptop just about as light as it is.

Therefor, it will not be a heavy load and an extra hassle to carry around. Most users of this handbag for their laptops, are leaving the best reviews.

The price that it is being sold for, may seem expensive for a laptop handbag, however with the quality, fashionable style and features that are offered the price can be forgiven. So if you are looking for something to provide the highest protection for your laptop, and with that look fashionable and have the most comfort, then the BASEUS Universa Protective Hand Carry Bag For Laptops is just the perfect item for you!

Universal Vintage Protective Laptop Bag
For MacBook, Tablet and Mobile Accessories

Vintage bag for MacBook Air