Wide Angle Dual Lens Car Video Recorder Dash Cam

Have you ever watched the crazy car videos on youtube, where you can precisely see all the bizarre things happening on the road? If you want to be one of those guys would who rather be safe than sorry, read this review on best selling Wide Angle Dual Lens Car Video Recorder Blackview Dome G30B Dash Cam and see if, maybe, you need one of those yourself.

Video Recorder for Car

1080P FULL HD high quality resolution makes this Car Dash Camera a great companion on any road. May you use it for recording road accidents or some picturesque landscapes you are passing by with your car, 140-degree wide angle lens will provide with amazing shots, and especially given there is also a rear camera with 120°. This device is built using advanced H.264 technology and it’s 2.7 inch high resolution LCD, will allow you watch what you are shooting.

Of course, IR night vision function is another important feature intacked with this gadget, so you can record the road day and night. Moreover, an automatically turn on/off function will help you have a piece of mind without having to worry about camera’s battery may you leave the car. Blackview Wide Angle Dual Lens Car Video Recorder also supports a memory card up to 32GB.

Video Recorder for Car Wide Angle Dual Lens Dash Cam

This Wide Angle Car Video Recorder weights only 60g and has a size of 9*5.3*4cm, despite its great functions, and you can easily adjust it on your front car’s window. It has a G-sensor, which is important if you have an accident. It will also balance up the recording depending on the sunlight and has the following options: auto, fluorescent, tungsten, cloudy and sunlight. Photo resolution will range from 1M (1280×720) / 2M (1600×900) / 3M (2048×1152), allowing you to have storage choice.

To conclude, Blackview Dome G30B Dash Cam is a handy buy which will almost be unnoticed in your vehicle, yet may come in very useful may there be a road accident. With this device, your driving experience will be improved and you will feel safer than ever even on the most unknown roads.

Video Recorder for Car Wide Angle Dual Lens