Best Selling Very Stylish Powerful Headset With Mic

ZEALOT B20 3D is a very elegant and powerful headset with mic that would probably change your attitude to the music forever and the gadget is one of the best sellers now. As you can probably guess, the first point in favor is that the over ear headphones create a closed environment filled with music, which brings the music listening process to the new level of pleasure. This budget headphone with premium outlook will provide you with 3D surrounding sound, deep and detailed thanks to the 40mm dynamic driver.

Very Stylish Powerful Headset With Mic


    • Transmission Distance: 10m
    • Output Power: 60mW
    • Sensitivity: 98dB
    • Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
    • Distortion: ≤1%
    • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
    • Charging Voltage: DC 5.0V
    • Working Current: ≤20mA
    • Charging Time: up to 2 hours
    • Taking Time: 8 hours
    • Music Time: 10 hours

Before you ask – yes, these headphones can also be used for different, a bit more grounded, purpose. These headphones are also suitable for wireless calling, as it is equipped with mic and has built-in CSR and noise-cancelling system. As for battery capacity – the one inside the headphones is 400mAh which is more or less equal to 100 hours in the standby mode use, 10 h in music mode and 8 h in talking mode.

Stylish Powerful Headset With Mic

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