Very Portable Simple Mini Air Humidifier

If you’re thinking about picking up a mini humidifier for your home or office table, you should take a look at the following small gadget. Alfwaise Simple Anti-dry Mini Humidifier will ensure you will feel energized and relaxed even after a very long and tiring day. It is equipped with just 420ml capacity water storage, which is rather surprising as the size of the device is 9.60 x 9.60 x 12.20 cm. This means that the air humidifier is very powerful yet can be placed at any spot.

The device has two spray modes, which you can vary depending on the situation: one for continuous spray and one for intermittent spray. The charge lasts for from 10 to 25 hours, depending on the spray mode. It is equipped with anti-dry power-off protection meaning that once the water is consumed, the device automatically turns off. If you have a little room or office cabin, it is possible to easily locate a mini humidifier and enjoy the advantages.

Simple Mini Air Humidifier