Oral Care Irrigator Family Cordless Water Flosser

Hygiene of our teeth is important to achieve the comfortable and healthy state. Most of us brush our teeth twice a day, and turn to a floss for a bit more, but it is about time to take a look at a cordless water flosser for truly a fresh mouth. In this review, we will look at specs and features on one of the best selling Oral Care Irrigators, the Vellepro Classic 600 ml Family Cordless Water Flosser.

Portable dental oral irrigators are a must for the many different health benefits that they offer. First of all, they help reduce the number of bacteria build up in your mouth by up to 50 percent. Gingivitis is a problem that many come in contact with, but with a home and travel waterproof oral irrigator, such a problem is lowered by 51 percent more than with a standard floss. Reduce the bleeding of your gums, and bring them to complete health, with this painless quick procedure. Plaque is also deep cleaned, helping provide with fresh breath and a truly beautiful smile.

Family Cordless Water Flosser

Hard to use? Hm, not with this item! Vellepro Family Cordless Rechargeable Water Flosser has detailed instructions, and easy usage. The first step begins with removing the water tank, and filling it up with water. Followed by that, one has an option of eight different nozzles to choose from, and one needs to be inserted. Choose the pressure that you need and are comfortable, with an option of ten different settings. Lastly, turn on the water handle and you are ready to go. The different nozzles that are provided, are three classic jet tips, a tongue cleaner, a dental plaque tip, an orthodontic tip, a toothbrush, and a periodontal tip. The variety is large for all different needs.

This professional jet tips teeth cleaner concentrates on the safety of their users as well. Water reservoir of this Home USB Oral Irrigator is made to have double sealing rings, which help in preventing water leakage to save from different electric and regular damages. Capacity of the water tank is actually 600 ml, which delivers one user with 90 seconds of unending cleaning, in the high mode. Cordless Water Flosser has high quality suction cups on the bottom, preventing the entire device from moving and sliding of hard counter surfaces.

Vellepro Classic Cordless Water Flosser

USB Rechargeable Water Flosser Oral Care Irrigator is one that charges quickly and is compatible worldwide with 110 to 240 voltages. Although, an adapter plug might be needed for some countries out there. Of course, the rechargeable water flosser is FDA approved and European CE as well. It is safe to use for the entire family.

Vellepro even offers 12-month replacement warranty, in case something stops working properly and 18 month manufacture warranty. This water flosser is also extremely popular among those who are wearing braces, since we all known how complicated it is to clean well with them on. Dimensions of this device are also not too large, being 5.5 X 4.9 X 7.9 inches, with a weight of just 1.65 pounds. All of the counter space will not be taken up!

Vellepro Family Cordless Water Flosser with eight different nozzles and ten pressure settings is a must have for any home! Start caring for your teeth and gums even more, and you will surely keep the dentist away! Especially, since the price that it is offered for, is reasonable.

Vellepro Cordless Water Flosser