Best Selling Warm LED Light Wake Up Sounds Bedside Lamp

Utorch Wake up light torch is a beautiful bedside lamp that will bring ultimate comfort to your home. The bedside lamp has several light modes: dim, medium, bright. The light is very warm so you can use it as a night light and it will not disturb your sleep. On top of that, you have a possibility to change the color of light.

The Utorch light has 6 different alarm sounds that will gently wake you up in the morning. This way, you will feel more refreshed and energized. With 3600mAh battery, the gadget can work long hours. It can be recharged with USB which can be connected to your computer, TV, or phone charger. It is also portable allowing you to take it wherever you want.

Utorch Wake Up Light Touch
Sensor Clock LED Bedside Lamp

Warm LED Light Bedside Lamp

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