Users Have Complaints about iPhone X Speakers

Over the last week, users found quite a lot of issues in iPhone X. In most cases, they all had something to do with the screen. However, the other day owners of new Apple flagship smartphones started complaining about speakers. Judging by the feedback, some models have a malfunctioning conversational speaker – it clicks and squeaks.

According to users who came across this problem, these suspicious extraneous sounds appear only at high volume. However, they are noticeable when someone is calling the phone or when the user is watching a video or listening to music.

Complaints about iPhone X Speakers

The reviews mention that this issue doesn’t depend on the model of iPhone X. The sounds in the speaker are reported by the owners of models with 64GB storage and the buyers of the top versions of iPhone X. The forum resource MacRumors already reported about several dozen people who had this problem.

Apple hasn’t yet commented on the new problem found in the iPhone X. However, we can assume that it can be easily solved. Previously, the owners of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also had some speaker issues which Apple quickly corrected by releasing a software update.