Best Selling Popular Car Mount – KENU Phone Accessory Kit

If you’re in a car, you always need a smartphone within your reach. At the same time, everybody knows using your smartphone while driving isn’t safe and potentially dangerous. That’s why car mounts were invented. Many brands offer their products on the market but we thought we’d take a look one very appealing option – Kenu Car Kit Deluxe.
This is actually more than a simple car mount – it is the whole bundle of accessories that would be helpful for any driver. First of all, we have Kenu Airframe + Car Mount. We’ve already reviewed the previous version but this one is even more compact. This pocket-sized is perfect for using in a car. It is easily attached to an air vent, so that your smartphone is placed at the comfortable angle. You won’t miss any calls or text messages and everything will be accessible at your eye level.
Useful Car Mobile Accessory Kit

Besides, Airframe+ is a universal mount for any smartphone or even a tablet. It has an adjustable jaw which can be regulated to hold your mobile device as securely as possible. Plus, as this mount is extremely portable, you can use it as smartphone stand. This is very practical if you want to watch a move while sitting somewhere.
However, we shouldn’t forget that Airframe+ is part of an accessory kit. So, you also get a couple more useful items. The first is Dual Trip adapter, fitted with two USB ports for charging your mobile devices. That way, whenever you have a low-battery problem, you can just plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter, connect your devices and quickly power them up. The second item is a Tripline, a new product from Kenu. It is a very handy micro-USB cable with a Lightning attachment. So, whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you’ll be able to charge it with this cable.
All in all, Kenu Car Kit Deluxe is a great combination of truly necessary items for any driver/mobile device lover. They will help you organize every device in a car, so that you could concentrate on the road.