External USB Charge Urban Backpack Anti-theft Bag

Backpacks are much more comfortable than different bags and purses. For that reason, many people have turned to them for using on the daily basis. Backpacks are also great because they reduce the load and pressure that is brought onto your back. Therefore, you feel less tired, with less pain. One very convenient backpack is the Tigernu External USB Charge Urban Backpack Anti-theft Laptop Bag, that we have observed for this review.

This backpack has a trendy and attractive appearance, which makes it suitable for most. It is offered in a black grey or grey color, where both are neutral. The size of this backpack is about 28 X 15 X 45 cm, with a weight of only 850 grams. Capacity of this bag is about 20 liters, large enough to fit all of your different items.

The entire backpack is made out of durable and flexible material, 1860D Oxford fabric with the inner lining being made out of polyester. 1860D oxford fabric is made to be waterproof.

External USB Charge Backpack

Full protection of your items is sure to be guaranteed. Many different compartments are offered for organizations and comfort. There are two front pockets, a sleeve, two patch pockets, two pen pockets, one purse pocket, laptop compartment and best of all a USB port. Different pockets are made for placing your items into, so that you will always have them close to hand and easy to reach. Pens will be placed in their slots, mobile device in a separate pocket, larger items in the biggest compartment and so on. Best of all, is the laptop compartment that is made to fit a computer from 10.1 inches to 15.6 inches in size. Laptop will be sturdy in one place and fully secure.

USB port is convenient for charging your mobile device on the go. Just place your power bank inside the slot, connect it to the USB port inside, and then connect your phone to the USB port on the outside. Anti theft pad lock is made to provide with security of your items, where a code is needed. Handle on the top of the backpack makes it comfortable to lift and carry, while the straps are snug and adjustable depending on your height.

Tigernu T-B3090A backpack is affordable, durable, convenient and comfortable. Items will be secure, with everything made to fit perfectly. Carrying it will be burden free.

USB Charge Urban Backpack Anti-theft Bag