Upcoming Release of iPhone 8

Upcoming iPhone 8 is currently the most anticipated smartphone in the world. Its presentation and release is expected in September-October. But some people doubt that Apple will do everything by this time and the smartphone will be demonstrated after a serious delay. However, according to the latest reports, the mass production of iPhone 8 has already started.

The Internet is still buzzing with rumours about iPhone 8. Most analysts expect a radical redesign of the iPhone: glass body and edge-to-edge OLED-display, built-into-screen Home button, wireless charging, face recognition, etc..

This piece of information came from Steve Hemmerstoffer who specializes in leaks publishing them on the Twitter account @OnLeaks. Hemmerstoffer assured the audience that everything is going according to Apple’s plans. It means that first iPhone 8 has already been made and the smartphone will be unveiled on time. Apart from that, Hemmerstoffer said that because of the start of mass production, we’ll be able to see more believable leaks based on original components of the smartphone.
In any case, we all have to wait and see what comes in autumn.