Upcoming LG G6 Smartphone

In 2017, LG is going to release their new flagship smartphone G6. Although the previous model from the “G” line-up, the G5, has some innovative features, it didn’t impress customers with basics. That’s why there is a lot of room for improvement for a new flagman. And the latest information about the upcoming LG release doesn’t disappoint: G6 is going to have a couple of nice innovations.

According to the Korean publisher Korea Herald, G6 will be fitted with a more advanced user identification system. It will be a retina scanner which provides better data security. As this way requires no contact, it will be a more convenient way to unlock the smartphone than a fingerprint scanning. The retina scanner will be built in the frontal camera.

Furthermore, G6 will be able to support mobile payment. This will be possible after LG launches their new payment system LG Pay. It’s similar to Samsung Pay, which means that users can pay for their purchases with a smartphone in any place, where credit cards are accepted.

LG puts hopes on this device because the sales of G5 were lower than expected, and G6 could compensate the losses. In any case, LG G6 smartphone is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2017.