Unique Tech Smart Gadgets: Smart Rings, Smart Glasses

In the last few years different companies unveiled a lot of really interesting wearables aside from smartwatches and fitness trackers. A few of them were showcased during the Wearable Technology Show in London. Among them were both useful and quite crazy devices. Here are 4 most curious gadgets from this event.

  • Helios – this is a smart ring that measures the amount vitamin D in the organism of the user. The accompanying app demonstrates the statistics and gives health recommendations;

Helios Smart Ring device

  • Sunnycam – this is a more practical device. Basically, it’s a pair of smart glasses fitted with a camera that records everything that you lay your eyes on. What’s more the footage has a 1080p resolution;

Sunnycam glass

  • Airvida L1 Portable Air Purifier – the name speaks for itself – a user wears this device on his neck and it literally cleans the air from germs, bacteria and other harmful substances. One single charge gives almost 30 hours of work;

Airvida L1 Portable Air Purifier

  • Hushme – this is device for people who don’t want to be overheard while talking on the phone. This gadget is made of sound-absorbing materials and worn on a mouth. Hushme connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. While you’re walking with this massive thing on your mouth, no one will hear anything you say.