Unisex Pack USB Charging Port Travel Backpack

The anti-theft travel bags are very convenient to have. First, as the name suggests, they protect you from any problems and issues. But second they are tailored to the modern people so they usually come with special pockets for hardware, chargers, and feature great design. Bopai 36L Unisex Travel Backpack is no exception.

So, this travel backpack, would fit laptops up to 15.6 inch and due to the special straps it would hold the device securely in place. The college backpack includes a top zipper for the spacious major compartment along with a front zipper pouch. The backpack comes with a functional design that has a lot of room for storing your everyday office essentials.

Moreover, the backpack has a USB charging port which can be connected to your smartphone without opening the bag. It is extremely handy on the go, when you are running low on charge. This backpack isn’t only a spacious solution for storing your things but in addition a fashionable daily bag.

The waterproof material will never allow your personal belongings to get wet. And the hard case of the backpack will protect fragile items inside. After all, packing lightly will let you get back home with some local handcrafts and authentic goods that will continue to keep your memories alive, together with with gifts collected on the way.

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