Ergonomic FLYCO FS356 Washable Unique Rotating 3D Floating Shaver

All men want to have a well taken care of facial hair and hair styles. Often, plenty of money is spent on different barber shops in order to receive the wanted look. Why bother with that, when you can do it all at home with an electric shaver. We have taken a look at the FLYCO FS356 Ergonomic Washable Smart Unique Rotating 3D Floating Shaver in this review.

3D Floating Shaver

This electric shaver is of a silver and black color, which makes it neutral and trendy at the same time. As we all know, appearance of items always attracts our attention and actually plays a big part in the mood. The size of this electric shave is about 2.17 x 2.17 x 5.51 inches in size, with the weight being 188 grams. Such dimensions make it compact and easy to bring along on different trips if needed. This electric shaver is suitable for hair, beard, mustache, nose and ear hair, chest hair and sideburns repair. Overall, it is universal for just about all types of trimming and cutting.

FLYCO FS356 3D Floating Revolving Shaver

FLYCO FS356 3D shaver has human body engineering, that makes it grasp easily and comfortably. 3D floating three razor head is included for great daily use. With the rotating system involved, this electric shaver easily picks up the hair for convenient and comfortable cutting. The system rotates all 360 degrees for a smooth and clean experience.

Once the entire process is finished, the electric shaver can easily be washed under water to clean everything off. The water will not damage the shaver. Built in, it has an 800mAh battery, that charges rather quickly, for up to one hour of usage. One hour is sure to provide enough time for all of your needs in either a professional setting or at home. Frequency of this electric shaver is 50Hz. LCD screen on this electric shaver makes it easy to control the battery consumption, even in the darker parts of the day.

FLYCO FS356 3D shaver is offered for an affordable price on the market, that will help conserve money and time. You will no longer have to make visits to the barber shop and can do it all right in your own home. It is made with quality, to be powerful, durable and comfortable.

Ergonomic 3D Floating Shaver