Unique USB Desk Fan with 360º LED Time Display

When you wish to obtain a desk USB fan, there are many things to think about. Fortunately, a fan is a not too hard machine to make, as it is only a motor attached to a power source. Especially the next one. It’s not only inexpensive, it also offers functionality. USB LED Clock Fan would be able to make your room more colorful and bring some fresh air. In all senses. The device features real time display function, therefore, it would look creative but also show the time. To use it as a fan, which, in fact, it is you need to plug it in with USB in any device such as PC.

USB LED Clock Fan
With Real Time Display Function

The neck of the gadget is adjustable to allow you to change it as you wish. Furthermore, the device will output the time but no driver installation whatsoever is required. On top of that, the creative gadget will also be able to display cool messages. So, you can leave a romantic note for your spouse or a funny phrase for your colleagues. The fan is totally safe to use and produces an excellent quantity of air. Being compact and lightweight, it can be reallocated easily.