Unforgettable Science Summer Camp in Singapore

Summer is just right around the corner and it is never too late to plan ahead for the summer months. In a few short months children all over the world will be free from school and enjoy the warm, carefree days ahead. It can get quite boring to spend the same day over and over, so one of the best activities to do is to send your child to a Summer camp in Singapore.

Summer camp is a special camp that is organized in the summer. In there children come together to learn new things they would otherwise not learn about at school, and of course , have fun. The environment of the camp allows children to try new things safely away from home. It also gives opportunities for them to make new friends, develop social skills and self-confidence. And not to mention, it is where kids make the best memories.

This year Newton Show is offering wonderful science themed summer camp programs. This season they have the “Space Explorer” camp, “Unbelievable Science” camp, and the “Harry Potter” Camp. All three camps are unique in their own ways. With the different themes your child may choose what piques their interest the most.

The “Space Explorer” summer camp in Singapore is for any child that loves and wants to know more about space. Newton Show has combined both science and space into one big shiny package, where children can experience and learn about both. In this camp we will be exploring questions such as “What do Astronauts Eat?” and “What is an Eclipse?”. And experiments such as “Mars Soil” and “Solar System Slime.”

The “Unbelievable Science” camp is a completely science themed camp with chemistry experiments. This camp is wonderful for children who love to do everything hands on. Here they will be able to see exciting fizzes and small bangs and a lot of “What will happen if…” questions will be answered. There they will be exploring topics such as “Liquid Science”, “Kitchen Science” and human anatomy. At the end of the day at this camp children will go home with a satisfied curiosity.

Last but not least, the “Harry Potter” camp is a fully Harry Potter and science themed Summer camp in Singapore for all the little potterheads! It was brought back by popular demand so even more children can experience the “magic” of being in the Harry Potter world. In this camp kids will be attending classes such as potion class, divination, alchemy and astronomy (just like in the movies!) We will play quidditch, take part in a magic wand workshop and learn about how animals communicate. And of course we cannot forget about the houses, children will be able to be in Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin.

With the Newton Show summer camp children will have a summer holiday full of new knowledge, wonderful experiences and memories and loads of science fun. The organizers have 11 years of experience, across 5 countries and with over 30,000 happy campers.