UMIDIGI Crystal 4G Phablet 5.5 inch FHD Smartphone

In today’s review we check out an affordable phone – UMIDIGI Crystal 4G Phablet 5.5 inch FHD Smartphone. This frameless smartphone looks – hands down – extremely impresive.

A thin black bar with minimum buttons and a cold touch is very outstanding and pleasant to feel. Back cover is mirror-clear and very shiny, though easily gets smudged with sweaty hands. There are many smartphones with mediocre, unbalanced or hyper-decorated design, that either “fade” with some time and you stop noticing the phone, or even worse – it starts to irritate you. With this phone you will enjoy the design every time you grab it. The package is also very intricate and stylish. What is more, the smartphone is already covered with a transparent case. In the kit you also get a rubber-sealed USB cable, a power adapter, a protective film and a needle for micro cards slot.

UMIDIGI Crystal Phablet

No doubt, the biggest peculiarity of this unit is that is is actually frameless, and the front camera, along with speaker and scanner, has been innovatively transferred to the bottom of the screen. Although the sound of this gadget is very ordinary, double cameras do their job pretty well. Main camera is 13 MP with high quality photos and video recording (but video lacks auto focus), and also has some marketing gimmicks that are basically unnecessary. Also, screen recorder allows to record video right out from the screen.

There are some uncomfortable limitations, too, e.g. the item only has two micro card slots, so you can’t have two micro SIM cards and a memory card simultaneously – either 2 microSIMs or a microSIM and a TF card. Don’t forget you will need a type C slot cable (or an adapter for your ordinary one). Finally, on the top the smartphone heats pretty significantly – up to 40 C – when actively used.

Given all the points, the UMIDIGI smartphone is a perfect go for those tech-dendies who like fine design and big possibilities for a relatively friendly price.

Umidigi Crystal 4G Phablet 4Gb RAM + 64GB ROM,
5.5-inch Metal Frame Smartphone

Umidigi Crystal 4G Phablet 5.5 inch