Oombrella Wezzoo Smart Umbrella of the Future

If you ask anybody, what kind of weather is the most annoying, most people would probably say the rain. And it’s hard to disagree with them because there’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain and getting wet. Obviously, there are umbrellas but people often forget them. But what if your umbrella could tell you the weather and help you never forget it? That’s exactly what our following product does – meet Oombrella from the company Wezzoo – Smart Umbrella of the Future.

Previously, we’ve written about Opus One and Pileus but Oombrella has its own distinctive advantages. Apart from being your personal protector from rain, this umbrella has some hi-tech features. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone and sends you notifications if you accidentally left the umbrella at work or at home. Plus, Oombrella serves as your weather forecaster – it knows if it’s going to rain and immediately alerts you about it.

Umbrella of the Future

But that’s not it. Oombrella can also track your activity and recognize what weather you’ve experienced during your trip. All of that is possible due to a bunch of sensors, built in the handle. These sensors can track temperature, humidity, pressure and light. All this data is basically used to always keep you informed about the weather. And lastly, Oombrella can be used as an extension for your camera, like a GoPro (if it’s waterproof, of course). On top of the umbrella there’s a screw thread. Having attached the camera to it, you’ll be able to record wider videos from a high position.

So, Oombrella is a pretty functional accessory for turning gloomy, rainy days into enjoyable experiences. The device has already been funded on Kickstarter, so Oombrella is available for purchase.