Car Dash Cam Ultra HD Video Resolution Mini DVR

It is important to record the rode when we are driving. It Is vital for our safety and in case any accidents occur. If you are one that is an owner of a car and spends plenty of time behind the wheel, then most likely you have already taken a look at several dash cams. Junsun T518 Car Dash Cam Ultra HD Video Resolution Mini DVR is one that we will take a look at in this review.

Car Mini DVR

Junsun Car Dash Cam comes in a black color. It is of a rather mini size being 8.50 x 5.30 x 3.50 cm with only 60 grams in weight. It uses a 6 layer, 14mm, 12.0-megapixel lens for capturing images and videos in 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution FHD. 140-degree angle of the camera is made to capture everything in sight, without leaving out any important details. WDR technology, also adds to the excellence, making images sharp, clear, and crisp. H.264 video compression also helps save the quality of the content.

JUNSUN T518 Car Dash Cam DVR

JUNSUN T518 Car Dash Cam DVR,
1080P HD video quality, WDR technology

Motion detection on this dash cam, is convenient as well. As soon as it senses anything near the car, it automatically begins recording for your safety. 24-hour parking monitor feature is also available and a great feature. The dash cam will start working as soon as the car starts. G-sensor is sure to capture any accident that happens on the road, for later record and viewing.

A TF card up to 32GB can be inserted for storing all recordings. Loop recording on the Junsun Car Mini DVR helps save space on the TF card. Time stamp feature is also provided, so that you will always know when the video was recorded. Rear camera mirroring is also available and convenient. 3.0-inch display makes it possible to view the recording in live time or in the future. 180mAh battery is built in, that is constantly charging through the cable.

Junsun Car Dash Cam Ultra HD Mini DVR helps record your driving and distinguish responsibilities if any accidents occur. It is compact, and easy to install. Price is affordable as well. Recommended for those who are often behind the wheel and driving.

Car Dash Cam
Ultra HD Video Resolution Mini DVR

Mini DVR