Best Selling Armored Phone Ulefone Armor 3 4G Smartphone

You may buy phones like Ulefone Armor 3, which is not just expensive but in addition provides rugged feel. This smartphone has an integrated GPS receiver. Add to this the contemporary specifications and adequate performance, and here you get a well-protected smartphone at a fair price.

A smartphone is durable with IP68 and IP69K grade, 2m water deep and 1.2m drop features in addition to a handful to get, a phone that fulfill all the basic needs that can be operated with no exceptional care. More over, all ports and buttons are waterproof, and packed with fast charging technology and big 10300 mAh Li-polymer battery. And a built-in fingerprint sensor is among the simplest and most secure methods to guard your smartphone. If you are searching for a real rugged Android phone, an excellent solution is the Ulefone Armor 3 4G Smartphone.

Best Selling Armored Phone Ulefone Armor 3

Ulefone Armor 3 4G Smartphone is a perfect premium gadget for people who lead an active lifestyle and need their smartphone to be as durable as they are themselves. Equipped with a robust case with the highest IP69K rating, this smartphone will work after a 1.2 m drop or 2 m underwater for 2 hours. Additionally, all the extra functionalities such as Fingerprint sensor or ports such as USB are also waterproof.

On top of that, specially for travelers, this smartphone has a wide range of applications such as flashlight, height measure, or heart rate to ensure you can always get the necessary data. The Gorilla 5 glass is protected from scratching. The Phone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, and powerful 2.5GHz core ensures that the smartphone can process complex tasks. 64GB ROM provides vast amounts of storage space to save important information. Finally, the 10300 mAh battery will ensure that the phone is up and running for at least 5 days. Stay active with this phone and never worry about the future: it has everything covered.

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Ulefone Armor 3 4G Smartphone

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