Types of Screen Protectors for Mobile Devices

In this article we’re going to talk about screen protectors for smartphone and tablet devices. Of course, protective films or screen protectors are used mostly for iPhones and iPad. For earlier models, like iPhone 4 or 5, protectors were much easier to make because the screen was plane. Starting from iPhone 6, screen edges became rounded and most manufacturers came across a serious problem as films didn’t cover the whole screen. Samsung Galaxy smartphones had the same issue with their screens. Nevertheless, there are films which cover even the rounded edges of the latest iPhones.

The quality of screen protectors depends on 3 major points:

  • Quality of the PET material (base of all films)
  • Adhesive or silicon glue
  • Quality of the coating on the surface of screen protectors

High-quality components film and adhesive are produced in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. In China there are also high-quality screen protectors but Chinese manufacturers usually buy materials in countries listed above. The following are the types of screen protectors.

PET Screen Protector

Just protect your screen from dust and scratch. Cheapest and most common version.

Hard Coat (HC) 3H Screen Protector

  • High Performance Anti Scratch Screen Protector.
  • Coating hardness – 3H
  • HC Screen protector is the best solution to protect your screen from dirt, scratches, smudges and fingerprints.
  • Easily erase oil from screen protector

Mirror Screen Protector

When screen is powered on, the screen protector enhances the visual quality.
Mirorr Screen protector usually has hardens level 3HC

Anti-Glare (AG) Screen protector

  • Anti Glare coating on high quality optical PET film protects your eyes from screen glare and improves clarity.
  • AG Screen protector is the best solution for glare prevention and to protect your screen from dirt, scratches, smudges, fingerprints. Surface is usually matte
  • Effect =Prevent glare
  • Easily erase oil from screen protector

Anti-Reflection (AR) Screen Protector

  • Smooth shiny surface
  • Effect = Increase the contrast
  • Reduce the reflection
  • transmission increases
  • Anti-ultraviolet
  • block up to 90% reflection

9H Nano Optical Film Screen Protector

  • 360° flexible and impact resistant
  • 9H hard coated layer enhanced for scratch resistance
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Non-interfering for touch screen sensitivity

Privacy screen protector

You can use your iPhone in public without revealing confidential information. You clearly see the information on your phone while people at your side only see a darkened screen. Scratch resistant

Tempered Glass Screen protector, 8H

  • Special designed border, 100% fit with bubble-free
  • High transmittance
  • Special surface process, finger working smoothly
  • High-sensitivity matte surface, anti-scratch and fingerprints
  • Strengthen glass material is special designed for iphone with more and better protection than traditional PET screen protector. It’s not only to resist scratch but also to reduce the damage from impact
  • Specially made with reusable adhesive, easy to remove and reapply
  • Nano antibacterial surface provides enhanced scratch protection and smudge resistance without affecting the screen sensibility.

In conclusion, we’d like to add that, modern technologies develop very fast, so many new and unique screen protectors appear on the market. If you’re interested in this topic and you’re looking for a manufacturer, we can help you. Write us.