Type-C Mini Panoramic Camera for Android Phones

Shooting panoramic photographs allows us to capture everything that surrounds us 360 degrees. Many enjoy doing so with different scenery and events. However, not all have highly functional DSLR cameras and such features on their mobile devices. Connecting mini panoramic cameras to mobile devices is something that some have turned to doing. In this review, we have taken to observe the Outdoor Smartphone Camera MADV Type-C 360 Degree Mini Panoramic Camera for Android Mobile Phones.

This mini panoramic camera, is extremely small in size and is offered in a black color. The color is neutral, and fitting for any colored mobile phone or for your preference. Dimensions of this item are 4.20 x 3.50 x 2.50 cm, with the weight being just 23 grams. You will not even feel this additional camera.

Panoramic Camera for Android Phones

Connecting it is easy, since all that one needs to do is plug it into the type C interface of their mobile phone. It is compatible with just about any Android mobile phone that has an operating system newer than the 6.0 version. Once that is done, with this MADV mini panoramic camera, you will have access to different shooting modes such as image stabilization, shooting asteroids, crystal ball, fisheye and several more.

Mini Panoramic Camera for Android

CMOS sensor with 210-degree wide angle lens, and F1.8 aperture, provides with high quality, clear shots. The camera, can shoot at a quality of 5K or 5376 X 2688-pixel resolution, as well as capture videos at 1920 X 960-pixel resolution. One click sharing is possible, especially through the Mi home app that is installed onto your mobile device.

A microphone/speaker is built into the camera, to capture all of the sound when recording videos with it. It works best in temperatures from 0 to 40 degrees in Celsius. Package itself consists of the MADV Mini Panoramic Camera, a silica gel cover, and an instruction manual.

MADV Mini Panoramic Camera is an approvingly convenient item for those who enjoy capturing 360 degrees, fish eye and more. It makes it stress-free and speedy to do so, just by insertion into your charging port. This item is not too pricy and not too cheap, rather affordable.

Type-C Mini Panoramic Camera