Quadcopter with Two-Way Control Radio System Drone

Drones are used both for work and for pleasure. Many realtors film homes and properties from above, while many other people use them for capturing beautiful shots and even selfies. Whatever the reason is, drones have grown in popularity, and we all want to find one with great specifications for a reasonable price. MJX B3 Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter with two-way control 2.4GHz radio system Drone, that we have reviewed, is all that.

One of the first options that a buyer has, is choosing the color of it. One can choose between purchasing a black one or a red one, depending on their preference. In weight and size, it is quite compact overall. The weight of it is just 480 grams, with the size being 440 X 440 X 150 mm.

Made out of nylon fiber material, this quadcopter is durable and reliable, for plenty of usage. It is compatible with many different cameras. One can install the C4000 sports camera or the GoPro, for example. Brushless motor on this quadcopter makes it rather powerful.

MJX B3 Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter

MJX B3 Bugs 3 quadcopter has many different flight features, that include 3D stunts, forward or backward flying, Low-voltage protection, sideward flight, slowing down, speeding up, turning left or right, as well as up or down.

1800mAh 7.4V battery installed charges to the fullest in approximately 240 minutes. Once fully charged, one is sure to receive about 18 to 20 minutes of flying time. MJX B3 Bugs 3 drone is also easy to control, with the 2.4GHz wireless remote control. The remote control is powered by four 1.5V AA batteries. Once that is done, the drone can be controlled from up to 300 to 500 meters away, which makes it convenient and highly efficient. This drone also has ESC protection from preventing motor lock and overheating, which often can happen.

MJX B3 Bugs 3 drone is affordable in price, which is one of the first things that captures attention. It is made to be durable and quite compact. Different sports cameras can be installed, which is convenient, and after that one is sure to receive a great, steady flight. Previous users are enjoying it with all of the positive reviews!

Quadcopter with Two-Way Control Radio System Drone