UC-40 Two Colors Budget Portable Home Mini Projector

Projectors are very convenient items for projecting different movies, videos, images and file. However, they can get quite pricy and sometimes people do not want to purchase them for that reason. There are some affordable projectors on the market, and we would like to inform our readers more about one. The UC-40 Two Colors Budget Portable Home Mini LED Projector is the one we observed in this review.

Two Colors Budget Portable Home Mini Projector

UC-40 is a mini projector being only 12.70 x 12.60 x 5.60 cm in size, with a weight of 0.3860 kg. This makes it easy to move or bring along if needed. It if offered on the market in a black or white color, and is made out of durable glass and plastic material. To add to all that, it project from a distance of one to about four meters, and the size of the images can be adjusted from about twenty to one hundred twenty inches. The quality of the images is decent, with having approximately 480 X 320 pixels in resolution. The contrast ration is 300:1, and this projector has a brightness of 400 lumens. With that being said, the images turn out bright, vivid, sharp and clear for full enjoyment for the entire crowed.

Budget Portable Home Mini Projector

Many people think that projectors waist a lot of power, however this one has a power consumption of 24W which makes it very energy saving. The 3 in 1 AV input allows users to connect other devices, such as game consuls and more. It also has a USB slot, slot for mobile phone, and earphone jack, VGA port, and even an SD card slot. The package of the UC-40 projector also includes a remote control for full comfort. This way, one can sit further away and still adjust the volume and more.

Overall, UC-40 projector is a great item for those looking for a durable but reasonably priced gadget for their at home movie theater. This item is great for just about any home, school, office and so on. Many of the other previous users are loving It and leaving positive reviews, and we recommend that you take a look at it as well.

Two Colors Portable Home Mini Projector