Turn Any Surface into Sound Innovative Gadget

There is a new very interesting gadget recently launched on Kickstarter – a smart ring Specdrums. In fact, this is more than just an accessory – this is kind of a musical instrument because the ring can turn any colour into sound.

The smart ring can recognize different colours in the form of different sounds, so it works with almost everything you can touch – from clothes to furniture and items on your desk. You can use absolutely anything as a surface for making sounds. The main point is that the objects should have different colours.

Innovative Gadget

In order to achieve this effect, you can use the included 12-colour keyboard or choose any colour of the world around you. Using the smartphone app, you can assign each sound its own colour. For example, brown will sound like a clap, white – like a particular note on the piano, blue – like a bass drum, and so on. After putting the ring on your finger, you can make music by striking lightly on various objects. A set of sounds can consist, for example, of a piano, a synthesizer, a drum machine and even a real drum set. You can even upload your own recordings to the app.

The Specdrums app is compatible with both iOS and Android, and simultaneously connects up to 10 rings. Gadgets can also connect to other music making apps, such as GarageBand. With the app, you can connect up to ten Specdrums rings, one for each finger.

Specdrums smart ring is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $34 (2 rings) or $74 (4 rings).