Best Selling Premium Road Classic Tumi Alpha Backpack

Best Selling Premium Road Classic Tumi Alpha Backpack is one of the first collections, which is constantly being upgraded. Laconic design and colors are ideal for businessmen and those who love all restrained and expensive. Products from Alpha collection are lighter, stronger, elegant and agile.


Tumi was founded in 1975. From beginning Tumi has relied on the fundamental principles: great design, functional superiority and technical innovation in each model, symbolizing that the brand produces highest class products.

Early 80-ies of the Tumi introduced high-strength innovative nylon material in the production of their bags and suitcases. The material is hard, but at the same time with a smooth texture.

Premium Road Classic Tumi Alpha Backpack

What’s the Tumi difference from many similar brands? That the priority of the company — only high quality materials. Attention is paid to absolutely every detail from the smallest cog in the wheel to unique materials for sewing.

The company has been repeatedly recognized as the leading in manufacturing products for business and travel.

Of course, the customers need different bags and backpacks, not just for travel. Therefore, the current collection is constantly supplemented, and a new one issued. Now it is not only travel bags and accessories, business cases, leather goods, but also various belts, sunglasses, etc.