Independent Floating Triple-Head Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are much needed in every home of a man. They are convenient for everyday use at home or in a professional setting. In this review, we have observed an ergonomic shaver Flyco FS371 Independent Floating Triple-Head Electric Shaver.

This electric shaver has an attractive and expensive design, which does not lag behind many of the expensive electric shavers. On the front side there is a smooth and glossy plastic of a gold color. In the center is a futuristically attractive power button with a bright backlight. Below is the manufacturer’s name and model number of the device.

Ergonomic Electric Shaverc

The back side consists of high-quality matte colored plastic, which provides with anti-skid during the shaving process. On top is the main instrument of the electric shaver, with three floating heads and a professional rotary mechanism. All this is covered with a plastic cap to protect it all.

Flyco Washable Electric Shaver

The easy-opening cover allows you to quickly and thoroughly rinse and clean the head from hair. There is also a trimmer for more detailed haircutting of bristles or long hair. The razor has a battery that recharges fully in 8 hours, which lasts for 45 minutes of continuous operation of the Flyco FS371 electric shaver. The floating head of the electric shaver allows you to shave the bristles under the root, after which the skin becomes perfectly smooth. The material of the blade belongs to a high class and have such advantages as wear resistance and resistance to corrosion.

The electric shaver uses a low vibration, which results in low noise of the razor. Also Flyco FS371 wireless electric shaver, requires regular recharging. Remember not to charge the shaver when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) or above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, frost or high humidity, to prevent damage from occurring to the electronics of the shaver. The dimensions of the electric shaver are 5.82 x 6.22 x 14.80 cm, being rather compact.

The Flyco FS371 electric shaver is excellent for men who carefully take care of their facial hair, as well as a man with not very sensitive skin. Make sure to be safe during shaving, to avoid serious injuries to the skin.

Independent Floating Triple-Head
Ergonomic Electric Shaver

Independent Floating Electric Shaver