Really Nice Design Shockproof Handy Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Shockproof Wireless speaker by TRAKK is an affordable gadget for those who want a functional but cheap gadget. The Bluetooth speaker has a special rugged design that protects it from scratches but also makes it look modern and fashionable. The high quality audio due to bass 20 watt speakers will ensure that you enjoy your music wherever you are: whether it is in the park, on a party or at home. Indeed, the wireless speaker is lightweight and portable. Significant silicon buttons give comfortable touch. In addition, the built-in power bank may also be used to charge different devices.

The gadget supports around 15 hours of the playing time, however, it is equipped with a 700 mAh power bank which can prolong its life or charge other USB-enabled devices. Finally, the speaker supports remote control from the smartphone but also has buttons on the top. Choose the method you like the best. It’s a remarkable speaker at the $75-level, although it will likely still be in working condition even if you choose to move onto more expensive models later on. At the same time that you can afford to have bulkier and heavier speakers at home, whenever your carry-on space is limited, those aren’t really an alternative. It’s convenient to use at an outstanding price.

Portable Shockproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
with 360 Degree Durable Fabric and Power Bank

TRAKK Shockproof Handy Bluetooth Speaker

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