Train Your Brain with Online Chess Game

Nowadays mobile devices are used not only for serious tasks but also for entertainment. That’s why AppStore or Google Play are filled with all kinds of games for people of all ages. There are simple (or complicated) games that you play to kill time without any mental efforts. Basically, these games don’t do anything to educate the players. That’s a reason to be worried about, especially for parents. Kids, who play games all the time, tend to get too aggressive when it comes to this matter. That’s why the second type – logical or mind games – is so useful. Here, you don’t just spend your time killing zombies or jumping on trains, you have to think to get results. And one of the most popular games of this kind is chess.

Chess originated from India and it is one of the oldest games ever with beautiful and colorful history. It went through centuries having preserved popularity from people. The objective of the game seems simple – you have to deliver checkmate to your opponent’s king. But the more you learn about chess, the more complicated it gets. But one thing is certain – chess is extremely useful to your logical and tactical abilities. During a game of chess, a person is perfecting both his logical and abstract thinking. Therefore, chess can be very interesting and beneficial to your kids.

Today, chess doesn’t look the way it did even a decade ago. Modern technologies have revolutionized chess: there are plenty of websites for playing online, YouTube provides beginners with instruction videos and recommendations from the best players, and so on.
We’d like you to pay some attention at website called Online-Сhess where you can play chess game online against computer.

Online Chess

Usually, to play online with other people, you have to log on the website. But here, you play with computer, so you don’t need to enter you name or other information. Instead, you have access to 4 simple game modes:

  • Asis – this is the simplest mode where you tap the piece on the board and move it wherever you want to. The game comes in a cool blue colour. There are three classic difficulty levels: Easy, Medium or Hard. This mode is great for chess beginners. Even if you don’t know what to do, you can click on the button “Think Now” and the computer will do the job for you. The game can be played online or downloaded to your computer;
  • Maniac – this mode looks a bit more sophisticated. The ancient vibe is very eye-catching. In terms of playing, there’s nothing special – you click on the piece and choose the correct move. Two difficulty levels are offered: Easy or Hard;
  • SillyBull – another simple but fun rendition of online chess. This mode is especially interesting because of its distinguishable vivid design and sound effects. Plus, this mode departs from one chess tradition – the black start the game here. Still, it doesn’t change the game in any way and excitement is still the same;
  • Spark – this is the most advanced mode out of all four. This one really gives you the feeling of playing with the person. You can choose from 4 virtual opponents who represent different difficulty levels. One by one, you can develop your game and finally beat the Mater Guru. The board itself looks great with almost 3D-like pieces on it.

Anyway, chess may not be the most exciting sport but it’s just as beneficial to your brain as any physical activity to your body. Instead of playing pointless games on their computers, kids should learn how to think strategically from a young age. Chess is a great tool for it, especially you can play it online now. And is a great start for all novices.

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