Track Your Wallet with Bluetooth Smart Gadget

In order to find lost items, people often use smart gadgets fitted with GPS or Bluetooth. Now, there is a revolutionary product. And here is a brief review. The company Chipolo announced the thinnest Bluetooth tracker in the world – a plastic card, fitted with a built-in Bluetooth beacon. The card is designed for wallets – that way, you will always know where your wallet is located if case it gets stolen.

Track Your Wallet with Bluetooth Smart Gadget review

Before Chipolo, no one managed to create such a thin beacon that it can be comfortably placed in a wallet. Now, there is one. The Chipolo Card is only 2.15 mm thick and is equipped with 95dB speakers, a battery that lasts for a year, and has a 60-meter range. It should be said that 2.15 mm is the thickness of about three credit cards but this is still impressive. Thus, the device is suitable for most wallets or even smartphones or tablets if you put it under the case of the device. That way, valuable items get impossible to lose.

The device is available for pre-order for $35 and expected to be shipped in late September.