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If you would like a toaster oven that will do more than just toast bread, have a look at the Tovala. Tovala Gen 1 Smart Steam Oven would be able to improve your cooking skills and help you prepare divine dishes for Christmas. The device comes with automatic multi-mode cooking which can help you to master diverse meals and get better every day. Furthermore, with a big recipe library, you would cook like a real chef just in a matter of hours. But also, if you do not feel like doing anything – leave it to the oven.

App Control Automatic Smart Steam Oven

If you get yourself some of the Tovola meals, you can simply scan the barcode to let the oven know what to do. Then press the start button while the smart device will cook the meal in the way that it has to be. And then you can lie on your sofa and control the device from your phone. You can program the oven to steam, bake, and broil and set a sequence. This oven allows you to prepare almost any dish and have the ability to keep the organic taste, texture, and juices of the ingredients.

Tovala Smart Steam Oven
with Automatic Multi-Mode Cooking

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