TOUMEI Mini Video Projector Home Theater Smart DLP

We all want to enjoy and have our own at home movie entertainment center. Most of us have stereotypical thoughts that it is nearly impossible and projectors tend to cost way too much. In this review however, we have taken the TOUMEI C800 Mini Pico Video Projector Home Theater Smart DLP with 100 ANSI lumens that is quite affordable in price, but has great features to offer.

This projector is first of, quite attractive in appearance. It is offered in a black or gray color, where both are neutral but trendy. In size, it is about 15.80 x 8.00 x 1.80 cm with the weight being just 490 grams. This is rather compact making it easy to transport and bring along with you when needed.

Android 4.4 operating system provides with smooth usage and fluency overall. With the RK3128 Cortex A7 quad core processor and 1.2GHz frequency, this projector is rather efficient and smooth. 1GB RAM adds to that, and makes multitasking possible for all different purposes. With the 8GB RAM, you can store different content on it and even expand the memory space up to 32GB with an additional TF card.

TOUMEI C800 Mini Pico Video Projector

TOUMEI C800 Mini Pico Video Projector,

With Dual WiFi band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, you can enjoy different movies and tv shows, and even access various apps. Transferring content is also possible with Bluetooth 4.0, and Airplay. It also supports all sorts of Android gadgets.

Overall the quality is great with this projector. It has 100 ANSI lumens brightness with a contrast ration of 2000 to 1. Images are sure to be clear and vivid, and even better since it supports resolution up to 1080 pixel or HD, compared to the native resolution of 854 X 480 pixels. To fit your preference, this image itself can be switched to 16:9, 4:3 or 16:10 ratio. Image size itself can be adjusted to be up to 100 inches, and the projector can be installed from 1 to 3 meters away. 4400mAh battery installed, charges rather quickly and provides with about 3 hours of playing time.

TOUMEI C800 Mini Pico video projector is an item that is reasonable in price compared to quality. It will be surely enjoyed with all of its features. Bring your attention to it!