Optimize your MacBook Touch Bar with TouchSwitcher App

As we already know, recently released MacBooks Pro have been quite popular among the customers. A lot of them compliment on the main novelty of new Apple laptops – Touch Bar. Although it’s not that difficult to operate, there are certain programmes that would make it even easier.

Many MacBook users say that one of the best ways to optimize your Touch Bar is an app, called TouchSwitcher, from HazeOver. While being very effective, it’s based on a simple idea. Just like Dock on regular PCs, TouchSwitcher allows users to switch over different launched programmes and apps on your MacBook. That way, working on your laptop becomes much more pleasant.

After downloading the app, you need to start it. If you also open the browser or anything else on the laptop, a little icon of the started programme will appear on the Touch Bar. After that, you just need to tap on it and MacBook will switch over to the necessary window. Even if there are too many opened apps, you can scroll the Touch Bar to see them all. You can forget about keyboard combinations, TouchSwitcher is more practical.

Manufacturers warn users that there are still little problems with this app but the idea is amazing. Hopefully, all the mistakes will be fixed and MacBook users will enjoy working on their precious device.

TouchSwitcher for MacBook Pro