Excelvan Touch Screen Digital Smart Body Scale

If you are in the direction of a healthy lifestyle, watch your figure, and just want to have good health overall, you need devices that will help you achieve success in this matter. One such device is the modern and multi-functional scale Excelvan BF1201C1 Touch Screen Digital Smart Body Scale, that we have reviewed.

This scale will provide you with an accurate measurement of body weight and fat layer, the amount of water in the body, the mass of muscle tissue and separately the mass of bone tissue. It also has a calculation of kilocalories, so that users know how many calories a day they need to consume to keep their body weight on the proper level.

The scale is switched on very easily with the help of StepOn technology, it’s enough to just stand on the scales, and everything will work automatically. There are 3 touch buttons for easy and quick operations. The scale has a built-in large LCD display on which you can find 4 icons indicating the fat layer, the total water mass, the mass of muscle tissue and the mass of bone structures.

Excelvan BF1201C1 - GL - 01 Scale

Built-in memory makes it possible to add 10 people for monitoring. Each profile stores certain data and can be used just about anywhere. This is a very useful function that allows you to store information about an individual person, such as his age, height, weight, sex and of course his precise measurements (with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). This helps provide with an individual approach to each person, in order to achieve the best results.

The body of the scale is covered with tempered glass, which brings strength to the device and protects it against damage and scratches. A non-slip layer is available to protect users from injuries. Excelvan Touch BF1201C1 uses 4 modern sensors of the latest generation to provide with the most accurate measurements. Sensors capture weight information up to 400 lb (180 kilograms) with 0.2 lb or 0.1 kilograms of accuracy.

Virtually everything you need to measure your body condition is available in this Excelvan Touch BF1201C1 scale. The product is great for both home use and in any training complexes. For coaches, these scales will allow to improve their skill, which will affect the incredible achievements in the pursuit of beautiful and healthy bodies.