Touch Screen Car DVR Mirror With Front + Back Cameras

Nowadays it is becoming extremely popular to use car cameras in order to register what is happening on the road. This becomes extremely helpful when some accident occurs as it shows clearly what happened. Therefore, an increasing number of drivers are choosing car cameras to protect themselves. In this review, we will dive into more detail regarding Junsun A900 Functional Car DVR Touch Screen Mirror with Front and Back Cameras.

This DVR camera has built-in 3G and WiFi which enable you to stay connected on the go. Additionally, it will provide you with a fast web browsing for greater experience. Furthermore, the 3G camera is equipped with a Remote Car Assist APP which makes it possible for you to check views 1080P HD camera on the mirror DVR directly from your smartphone.

Functional Car DVR Mirror with Front and Back Cameras

Moreover, for an even greater experience, the camera is also featured by wide-angle lens which increases the viewing angle up to 150 degrees. Therefore, you will be able to capture everything that is happening on the road. But if you think that this is it, you are making a mistake. The WiFi camera also has a 120-degree rear camera. Together, the two cameras significantly reduce the blind field of shooting, make the shooting clearer and ensure that the screen is not deformed. And if you worry about switching between them all the time, that the next feature is for you. When the car is in reverse gear, this car DVR camera will automatically switch to the backup camera image view.

best Car DVR Mirror with Front and Back Cameras

The DVR camera also supports FM transmitter and Bluetooth handsfree function to make it easy to operate it while driving. Finally, if you encounter a collision, the camera will automatically block and save the video. This way it will restore the scene of the accident to prevent misuse, delete or overwrite. With all the aforementioned functions, you can fell safe while driving because this Junsun A900 Car DVR CameraTouch Screen Mirror with wide angle front and back views will register everything hat is happening on the road. Equipped with two cameras, Bluetooth hands free mode, and smart functionalities, it will capture every accident and make it easy to operate it while driving.

Wide angle Car DVR Mirror with Front and Back Cameras