Intuitive Gesture Control Touch Pad WiFi Smart Clock

Oboo smart clock has been launched on kickstarter recently, and those who are interested in it can invest on this platform. Intuitive Gesture Control Alexa Ready WiFi Touch pad Smart Clock is offered in a charcoal black and mineral grey color. Made with the newest technology, Oboo clock can be quickly controlled with a wave to the left, right, up or down. Touch pad on the top of the clock, eliminates all different buttons, and is animated, colorful, and lights up. Dynamic controls on this device, become different buttons depending on what you need to do. The buttons match with the actions that show up of the LCD screen. For quick adjustment of volume, sliding across the touch pad is all that needs to be done. When setting the alarm, and it starts ringing, one just needs to press the touch pad in order to turn it off.

When the clock detects that the user is starting to get ready for bed and turns off the light, the touch pad automatically turns into a light, and turns on, with one wave it can easily be turned off.

Oboo Smart Clock

Different cards on the display, provide with full convenience, as they grab data from the internet and include different information such as weather, calendar, traffic info, timer and music, all at the tip of your finger and in sight. All of this is possible, since the gadget is connected to WiFi. Bluetooth 4.2 makes it possible to listen to different music through the speakers, after the clock is connected with your mobile device.

4400 mAh lithium ion battery in this clock offers up to 20 hours of usage, and up to 8 hours when listening to music, and it can easily be charged via a a USB charging cable. It can also be used to wirelessly charge other up to date mobile phones. The sensor built inside, makes the clock automatically dim the light when it senses that it is time to go to bed. During daylight savings the gadget also adjusts the time automatically. As well as all that, the Oboo smart clock can be joined to the amazon Alexa to quickly and easily control it with your voice. This Smart gadget available on Kickstarter for orders.