Reliable Indoor and Travel Touch Color Switch LED Night Light

LED light provide no such danger, since they are flameless, and they’re able to be employed by children and around furnishings safely. Therefore, Inside the house, you’re find that LED’s have invaded almost every room. If you would like to purchase a night lamp that you could give to your kids, look at buying a Blitzwolf brand products.

One of the best selling Night lamps BlitzWolf BW-LT9 is a gentle and calming lamp designed especially for night use. The main characteristics provide you with a warm light that is good for tired human eyes. Some of the other features are: the temperature of the lamp is 4000K, the lightness is 85 Lumens, the lighting angle is 240٥, and the last but far from least, it has both white and colored light modes, which will give you a freedom to create a perfect atmosphere.

Touch Color Switch LED Night Light

The lamp itself is designed softly, so you it wouldn’t grasp your attention for no reason. But, as it always happens, the appearances can be deceitful: seeming so light and weightless, this lamp is surprisingly shrugged and resistant to various kinds of damages thanks to ABS Shell and PC transparent cover.


    • Max Output 2W
    • Max Brightness 85lm
    • Number of LEDs White x 14pcs / RGB x 10pcs
    • Color Rendering Index >80Ra
    • Battery 600mAh 3.7V lithium battery
    • Lifespan 30 000 hours
    • Charging Time 2 hours
    • Standby Time 2 months
    • White Color Temperature 4000K
    • Lamp Size 5.02 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches / 12.7 x 10 x 6 cm
    • Working Temperature -20℃—<45℃
    • Net Weight 110g

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