Top 5 Smartphones of 2017


Smartphones are popular around the world. People of every country, society and of any age are enthusiast towards smartphones. Everyone wants to use such type of a smartphone which has endearing features and delectable performance. Performance of smartphones depends upon the RAM, storage, camera quality, Expendable memory, battery timings, CPU, OS and much more. People not only focus on its internal performance but also on outer look like screen size, phone thickness, dimensions, phone weight, color and touch system etc.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy is completely delightful with it’s almost bezel-less plan and eye-popping show as its display is very gorgeous just because of dual-edge curve. It has pack brimming with helpful functions. Its most appealing features are hottest hardware, pair of incredible camera, the battery life is great, waterproofing, the slickest Android skin.

In recent period, it can be considered in top brands of smartphones. Samsung generating more revenue as compare to other smartphone brands as its popularity increasing day by day because they are introducing more n more features which are fascinating for buyers. In fact, they have been generated list of versions of Samsung smartphones till now. They also introduce Samsung Galaxy S8 + after the revealing of Samsung Galaxy S8. Definitely there is no doubt that demand of accessories for Samsung Smartphones is also on peak just because of popularity of its phones that’s why Samsung note 8 cases in Pakistan are popular.

2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an iOS smartphone. If anyone wants to avail the facilities of smart phone other than the Android than it’s the best phone and it should be in one’s priority. It has classic outer display with variety in colors like Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black and jet Black. Its display is pressure sensitive which is known as 3D touch which can detect different features depending on the pressure strength of finger on the screen. Apple iPhone has tried to provide more security by providing finger print mark recognition. GPU performance is increase with 6 cores and also there is improvement in CPU performance. Absolutely, it’s not only superior in performance but also in quality of camera as it has amazing camera of 12 Mega-pixel which probably can compete with quality of DSLR.

3. OnePlus 5

OnePlus propelled new executioner called 5 into the market with some sensational camera features. It has 16 Mega-pixel-camera. It is most enthusiastic phone yet, more competitive and seeming to be more economical. Extraordinary design meets dominant specs, with the latest hardware to compete with top gadgets. It has great display, in spite of the fact that doesn’t lift itself from Full HD like some of its adversaries and that is reflected in the cost. It likewise offers no waterproofing, which is beginning to wind up something of a tread at the best. People prefer to buy this as it is available in reasonable price as compare to other smartphones same like people prefer to use OnePlus 5 cases in Pakistan to maintain their delightful smart phones.

4. Google Pixel

Google propelling with various elite features, yet generally a perfect form of Android, the Pixel phones have a strong form and a quick and smooth practice. Google Pixel has great battery performance, attractive display and the cameras are splendid which prompts a superior Android encounter. Its cost is somewhat high and also it has no waterproofing but still it has 3.55 earphone jacks.

5. LG G6

LG thumped it out of the recreation center with its most recent cell phone, the G6. The new phone has customized lightweight software which is easy to use. LG G6 offers all features like performance and display which can compete in quality with other smartphones. It has dual camera system which has a lot of adaptability and it also has an outstanding 18:9 display.


In recent century, the market of smartphone is on the peak as there is long list of smartphones in the market depending upon different technologies. Most of the people especially youngsters want to utilize such phone which is latest in the market and they switch their smartphones randomly as they want to experience all. So it’s right of individuals to know the features of that gadget for which they are going to use. Smartphone is such type of a gadget in this latest technological period which totally depends on its performance and outer look so one should considered these factors before selection of the smartphone.

Author: Jessica Watson
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