Top 5 Headphones Best Sellers Popular Earphones 2018

1. Original Xiaomi Pro HD In-ear Hybrid Earphones.

The first pairs that we would like to bring your attention to, are the Original Xiaomi Pro Earbuds. These earphones comfortably sit in the ear, and are offered in a trendy, neutral silver color. They provide with great dynamic and clear tenor. The earbuds have a 45-degree angle design, which also adds to the comfort.
Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones

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2. KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones.

Second pair of earphone that we would like to introduce are the KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones. One unique part about them, is the design. The shell is made out of aluminum alloy metal, with detachable parts making it easy to put together and take apart. On the cord, there is a controller for playing and pausing, as well as switching tunes.
Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones

3. Dual Dynamic UIISII T8S In-ear Stereo Earphones.

Some earphones even have 120-degree ear brace, and are even more comfortable. For example, the UIISII T8S In-ear Stereo Earphones. They are also offered in a black or red color, where one has the option between a more neutral shade or a bolder one. With these earphones, it is possible to talk on the phone hands free and enjoy great sound at all times, during any activity.
Dual Dynamic Stereo Earphones

4. MIFO U5 Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

There are even waterproof wireless earphones, such as the MIFO U5 Plus. These earphones are IPX7 waterproof to use in any weather condition, rain or shine. In addition to that, they can be connected via Bluetooth! Noise cancellation makes the sound even better without foreign sounds. One can also loop the earphones around their neck, at the time when they are not being used.
MIFO U5 Plus Earphone

5. Original Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones Fresh Version

Many people prefer all sorts of different colors for their earphones, and the Xiaomi Original Piston in ear ones are offered in the black, blue, pink, purple or silver color. This provides all with a wide variety. They also have a great microphone, and easy controlling of your music.
Xiaomi Piston In Ear Earphones