Top 5 Best Backpacks for Hiking

The summer is coming up, which means that many people will leave their homes and head towards adventures. One of the most popular ways to spend your vacation actively is hiking. It’s quite simple but very enjoyable. You walk around with your friends, see new places and get new impressions. A great hiking experience always starts with choosing the right backpack. Equipment, clothes, food, water – all these things are essential for a hiker and you have to put them somewhere. Plus, a backpack must be comfortable because hikers carry them on their shoulders all the time. So, for this article, we’ve picked 5 fantastic backpacks that would serve well for both beginners and experienced hikers.

Osprey Aether.
If there had been the Hall of Fame for backpacks, Osprey would have been inducted the first. These backpacks do a great job at carrying a lot of weight but staying extremely comfortable. The back panel doesn’t let your back sweaty and there are pockets and compartments for all your essentials and equipment.

Osprey Aether

Teton Sport Scout 3400.
For the price of only $68, this pack can surprise anybody with its capabilities. It’s durable enough, sits comfortable on your back and shoulders, has a sewed-in rain cover, and provides space for every item of your hiking gear regardless of what type of hiking you’re into.

Teton Sport Scout 3400

Arc’teryx Altra.
This pack boasts great versatility. It’s very light, so it can be expanded and compressed to any size. Also, a wide set of straps can help you adjust the backpack to your body. For some people, price may be an issue with this backpack but if you need maximum protection from any weather and comfort, Arc’teryx Altra is for you.

Arc'teryx Altra

Deuter Air Contact.
This pack was designed for experienced hikers. It is much heavier than the previous one but it has a sturdy construction, multiple compartments and an interesting Aircontact system which contributes to its reliability and helps with ventilation. And even if you’re caught in the rain, you can always cover the pack with a detachable rain fly.

Deuter Air Contact

Fjallraven Kaipak.
Although it has an unpronounceable name, this pack deserves our attention. Compared to other packs, this one looks quite regular, like a bigger laptop pack. However, it is a perfect companion for hikers. The fabric is water-resistant and also environmentally friendly, the design is ergonomically comfortable, and there is plenty of room for your gear.

Fjallraven Kaipak